FORM: new login on captive portal


It could be great another login on captive portal, like FORM… some fields that users can fill…
And maybe if these fields could be editable…

for example: phone number, days on the city, etc…

thanks in advance!


Thank you for the information and it is duly noted!

We have seen CSV from Collected E-mail Addresses and there is two fileds (area_code and phone_no) which appears emty…
could we use them?

Hi Aroa,

These 2 fields are reserved for future feature development. The usage of these 2 fields still under development.

Hi TK,

I have tried to use “First Name” and “Last Name” fields as an other fields like “Name and Surname” and “Phone number” but captive portal on spanish language doesn’t save these texts on the name fields…

what’s happen?

thanks in advance,

Hi Aroa,

We confirmed this is a bug and we are fixing this.

Thank you for reporting this.

Hi Aroa,

Fyi, problem was fixed.

Thanks TK,
it works, thanks!