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We are connecting to the Florida Lamda Rail (internet 2). We have been given an IP address and several vlans. How does a Peplink 750 handle the vlans - or does it really care?


Hello Harry,

The Peplink Balances supports one VLAN per WAN interface. If the ISP line comes out with tagged VLAN ID, you can use a dump switch and connect to that link and WAN1-3 of the Peplink unit. For each WAN Interface of the Peplink, configure with the appropriate VLAN ID.

Alternatively, you can use a layer 2 switch to “decode” the VLAN tag and connect them to WAN Interfaces of the Peplink.

If you need further help, please send us the network diagram with detail IP address assignment by create support ticket as the following.

Best Regards,


The Peplink Team


Hi there,

Does anyone have tested or implemented Peplink Site-to-Site with all the units in Drop-in Mode?

Best Regards,



Hi Adriano,

Thanks for your inquiry, I do believe that we have answered your question through our Support Ticket queue. If you do have further questions of course let us know.

Thanks again,


The Peplink Team