Florida cloud provider for fusionhub solo

Any recommendations for a cloud hosting provider where fusionhub solo could be installed in Florida? (or if there isn’t one in Florida, Atlanta maybe?)

Of the inexpensive ones we have been using for fusionhubs (vultr, upcloud), vultr.com has a site in the Miami area. None of our deployments have been dealing with high traffic loads, so this is not to be considered a recommendation :slight_smile: beyond noting that both providers allowed for easy deployment of fusionhubs.


Thank you very much! Vultr has a great selection of locations available! Thanks!

If you don’t mind me asking, since you’ve used both, is there anything you like better about upcloud than vultr for hosting a fusionhub?

For the fusionhub use cases we have tested they both work equally well - but we have not stressed the systems in any meaningful way (we are more interested in prototyping architectures).

We ended up with UpCloud as the favorite for purely gut reasons: UpCLoud is headquartered in Finland, so they may be more likely to take GDPR as a basic requirement across all their servers, and they don’t accept payment in Bitcoin. I tend to shy away from services accepting Bitcoin payments - it is one of my sniff tests :slight_smile:


Thank you!