Firmware version: 8.1.1 not following custom schedule

Set custom schedule, AP system does not resume 2.4 or 5.0 wifi system until rebooting the system three to five times back to back each day

What in the world is going on here?

In any other application, this would dictate corrupted control files therefore this does not make sense…

Any ideas?

You will need to provide some more details. What router model? What firmware? What is being scheduled? What is the rule? …

I set the custom schedule, and from there, the system shuts down for the end of day operations.

At start time wifi signal is not broadcasting at any frequency.

Reboot five times no broadcast of wifi signal beginning of the business day - nothing.

Turn off schedule, apply changes, system turns on wifi signal and is operational.

At present, no speed fusion applications are operating.

There are no rules or other settings as I am waiting for the authorized vendor to go through the settings and configure the system for my business operations. As the Max Transit Duo seller has zero regard for the customer, that conduct is to be a different conversation.

Pepwave MAX Transit

Product Code

Hardware Revision

8.1.1 build 5040

PepVPN Version

What is being scheduled?

Turn on the Transit Duo during business hours and then turn off after business hours. I have not set up any other rules

I would like to know from anyone in this community what the reason is for the custom schedule not being followed by turning back on the wifi side of the system.


I would suggest you log a ticket with engineering for them to take a look.

The only time I have seen a schedule not work is when the device has no internet connectivity and so does not get a network time sync.

Assuming your device stays online throughout I would log it for review.

Thanks for the response and suggestion. Based on the current wuhan virus, at the end of the business day, the goal is to shut the system down until the next business day and time. The transit duo is not hardwired into an always on internet connection so what it picks up on the cell and wifi side is what it works off of at this point. Since the unit does power up on the schedule and does not turn on the wifi, going through the system logs shows that it is following times correctly, including synchronizing the GPS time. Rebooting multiple times restart the wifi is the concern, and I will set up a service ticket shortly.

Thanks again