Firmware ver string mismatch


I have an HDMAX 4 that the firmware will not update. this is the error in IC@

(Firmware updated too many times. Update aborted. (Probably firmware ver string mismatch)) (Retry: 20)

the device event log on the HDMAX4 does not show any thing.


  1. May I know what is the existing firmware version of HD4?

  2. May I know which firmware version you are trying to upgrade?

  3. May I know what is the available WAN links for the HD4?

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Currently its on 7.1.1 build 3775
trying to go to 7.1.2 build 4094
the Wan ports are all 4 Sim cards

Wan 1 & Wan 2 are disabled.

Thank you



This possible relates to the WAN connection. Basically InControl2 just gives an instruction to the HD4 to download firmware and perform the upgrade. I suspect the HD4 fails to download the firmware.

You may open ticket for us to take a closer look.

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