Firmware upgrades for Balance 300 hardware, since 4.8.1

Owning multiple Balance 300 devices that are still not fully depriciated for (tax) write-off, we would love to see new firmware upgrades

Hello C,

Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately the Balance 300 is an End of Life product and v4.8.1 was the last firmware release for the platform. The Balance 310 has since replaced the unit going forward.

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The Peplink Team

To my opinion the Balance 300 series has been made End of Life too short after the last unit has been sold. Firmware 4.8.1 was released in August 2009, where last warranty expired November 2008. Tax depreciation period is 5 years, minus 1 year of Peplink warranty, leaves 2008 + 4 years = November 2012 when the unit can be replaced (despite Peplinks trade-up offer, which is still price at the level of a new investment).