Firmware upgrade


I received my new Balance 380 unit yesterday. Surprisingly I found the firmware was not upgraded.
Still it shows 5.3.12. In this no Speed fusion option.

In order to upgrade the firmware, I down loaded the configuration file and uploaded. Then I tried to upgrade the firmware option. It shows there is no up grade available.

In order to upgrade manually, I downloaded the image file of version 5.4.7. Selected file for upgrade. While the process, it shows upgrade is failed.

Please advise what to do now.

Dilip Kumar

When you download the firmware from our website it is in .ZIP format. Please make sure you have unpacked the image before upgrading.

If this doesn’t work you could try downloading it again.

Yes. It is zip file. I extracted the files. it has three file. 2 .Bin files and 1 pdf file.

It is not working.

You mean to say improper down load might have causing the error?

I down loaded twice. Error is same.

There should only be two files within the ZIP, one is a .bin and the other a PDF. Please confirm the firmware you are trying to upgrade to is named:

In your first post you mentioned it is a Balance 380, but it sounds like you have downloaded the 310/210 package instead?

yes, after registration of device , I can see the firmware for 380. I downloaded it

We received you support ticket. Based on the screenshot, it is a 210/310 firmware. Please try the download link we provided in the ticket.

I bought ZTE MF190U modem with AIRTEL service provider. It is not connection in Pepwave r with balance 380. before purchase I saw the model as MF190 is listed. Is there any way to use it with Pepwave Max700 or balance 380?

You can open a support ticket to us and our Engineering Team will try to build the modem driver to support this USB modem.