Firmware Upgrade Question for Balance 30

I’m running a Balance 30 on firmware 5.4.9. I just updated it from 5.3.12 today to resolve an issue with my USB modem (which the upgrade did resolve).

I see on the Peplink site there is a newer firmware, 6.1.2, even though the “Check Again” button on the Firmware page of the Router Admin does not report anything newer. Should I upgrade to this latest firmware? If so, do I need to upgrade through the various intermediate updates, or can I go straight from 5.4.9 to 6.1.2?


James C


To upgrade to the 6.x firmware the device will need to be under warranty. Once under warranty you can upgrade to 6.x firmware (A unlock key will be required after downloading). Here is a link to our 6.x firmware upgrade guide. Let us know if you have any questions during the process.

Thanks Jarid, I’m all set on an extended warranty. Is it okay to go directly from 5.4.9 to 6.1.2?

Yes you can go directly to 6.1.2 firmware