Firmware Upgrade Failed

For the longest time, we have issues upgrading some devices via InControl2’s Firmware Policy. It’ll work on most devices without issue but we always have a few that just keep restarting over and over with the log just showing “firmware upgrade failed”. When this happens, we set those units to disable firmware policy and update them manually. These are being upgraded over cellular connections but it doesn’t seem to be a connectivity issue as often the ones that fail have full signal and 5 to 20 Mb download speed. By “manual” upgrade, I don’t mean we go onsite but just remotely to to Web Admin and then do the “Manual Firmware Upgrade”. This has happened with 6.2.0 and each release of 6.3.0. Months ago we had issues were those failing lost connectivity to InControl2 and required on-site visits to fix but for 6.2.0 and 6.3.0 none have ever failed to show up in InControl2 but do restart over and over until we turn off the upgrade and fix it manually. On this last batch of 15, 3 got in to the “firmware upgrade failed” loop and the others completed as expected.

As long as we can do the manual upgrade remotely, we’re good but I did want to share the issue. It does take what should be a hands off easy process and turn it into a more time consuming endeavor.



Hi John,

There is many possibilities on this. I suspect there is a connectivity issue between the affected box and firmware download link. Please help to ticket for us to investigate.

Thank you.


I still say there is something going on in this regard beyond the customer units I’ve had you look at and given direct TeamViewer access. Yesterday I upgraded my home Balance 30 to 6.3.1 and it did the same thing, retry multiple times until it finally succeeded. I then downgraded to 6.3 and back up to 6.3.1 and it did it again. I’m on a rock solid 60Mbps connection so if it has trouble here then there is no chance of it working reliably on a remote low bandwidth cell or Satcom link. Are you sure there isn’t something inherent in IC2 that has a problem with high latency? Whenever it is possible to remote in to a local CPU and apply the firmware via a direct download or even transfer via TeamViewer then it always works so sure still seems like an IC2 issue.



Please PM me the serial number and enable Remote Assistance for us to do checking.

Thank you.