Firmware update on max transit 5G ATT and Tmobile issues

so i updated my firmware to 8.1.2 and now neither my ATT or Tmobile is connecting is anyone out there having similar issues

There is a special version of 8.1.2 for the Max Transit 5G. I have it installed and working. Open a ticket to receive a link or rollback to previous working version.

Firmware 8.1.2s11 for the TRANSIT 5G is available from the firmware download page under the MAX group. Scroll down the IMPORTANT NOTICES and it’s listed at the top. Link is also here:

I have it installed, works great. Corrected my WIFI AP issues under the original 8.1.1 firmware, and corrected my T-Mobile SIM connection issues (and it appears it corrected similar issues from other providers as well) that were present in the 8.1.2 RC versions.

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