Firmware update for surf OTG for novatel 7730L


Can I get a firmware update that will make my surf OTG compatible with my Verizon MiFi made by Novatel (7730L). I’ve tried both wireless and cellular connection type and I can’t get it to work.



Please visit this page.

It will guide you to opening a support ticket, so that Peplink can work on getting your MiFi supported.
You will need perform some actions yourself, before opening a support ticket.


Tried to fill out a support ticket 3 times and all I kept getting was this error:

Called your number and got sent to the voicemail for a third party.

Would somebody just help me get this shit working?


Hi Markh,

There is no problem with our website, can you fill in the form by using a different browser?
If the problem continues please send an email to to log a ticket.
We are not able to assist with this request through the forum because we’ll need some details of your router that is preferably not shared publicly.

Please answer as many of the following questions in your email:




I am having the same issue with submitting a ticket on different browsers and computers will not let me submit one!!!


Hi Andrew,

We have edited our website to make sure there is no “/” sign displayed at the end of the url, which we suspect is causing the reported issue.
This issue should now be resolved.