Firmware 8.1.2 RC 1

Applied to my 20x, no issues to report


What is USCellular sim?


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It’s another carrier in the us,
They don’t have as good of coverage as the big three, t-mobile, Verizon and Att.
You can see their coverage here: Cell Tower Leasing | UScellular

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Installed 8.1.2 build 5045 to BR1-classic. Found Incontrol2 missing the mobile signal detail (Such as RSRP / RSRQ etc…br111

@Madcodger, the feature will be available in 8.2.0. You may stay with the special firmware for the time being.

@bruce_kuok, we will patch the InControl2. Thanks for reporting this!


Thanks, @TK_Liew . BTW, fantastic customer responsiveness on the part of Peplink to create that feature. Really made you folks shine in the Starlink user community!


Can Peplink give us a network diagram of this feature?

Looks useful for other stuff.

Received a Max Transit 5G (MAX-TST-5GD-T-PRM) yesterday and could not get a Verizon Business SIM to connect with 8.1.2RC1. With Operator = Auto, the cell connection is stuck at “Connecting…”. With Operator = Custom and APN = “vzwinternet”, cell connection is stuck at “Obtaining IP address…”. Those results were the same with Health check disabled and set to SmartCheck.

The unit shipped with 8.1.1s076 Build 5076. Using that firmware version, the same SIM worked with the defaults: Operator = Auto (vzwinternet) and Health Check = SmartCheck.

So I am stuck running the firmware it shipped with for now.

In 8.2 can the mgmt ip /additional ip option be available on all wan links if it’s dhcp ,static , ppoe,wired wan, usb, wifi-as-wan, I think then it will cover all use cases.


I definitely second the request to have the Management IP feature extended to all WAN connection types! Thanks!

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@gg.ia, I notice you have opened a ticket for the same problem. We will follow up with you on the ticket.

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@Venn ,

This will help ? Starlink / App (Dish Management) Access / Peplink

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Hi Lai,

May I question, Can I upgrade Balance 1350 with Hardware Revision HW1 and Firmware Version 6.3.4 to Firmware Version 8.1.2 ? Thanks


No, B1350 HW1 does not support Firmware 7 or above.

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I’m getting an error on my MAX HD4 MBX saying:

Remote SIM component is incompatible to the firmware, please contact distributor for support.

I’m running 8.1.2 build 5117 on the HD4 MBX and version 1.1.91 on the SIM injector. The SIM injector is “behind” the MBX on the LAN since I also have two HD1 CAT18 domes on the WAN ports using the injector, and the Remote SIM proxy feature is enabled. This configuration has been working with 8.1.1 and previous versions for at least 6 months without error.

The interesting thing is that the various modems are working fine with the remote SIM injector, but I am wondering if that will stop with the advent of this error.

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@stevemitchell, please upgrade the 8.1.2 one more time. Please open ticket if you still seeing the error message after the second upgrade.


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This did not work. I’m opening a ticket.

I have MAX HD4 MBX 5G and installed beta. in release notice it is said 24701 [Beta 1] [5G] Cellular “Auto mode” supports 5G and 4G only. can this option found in MAX HD4 MBX, we would need to switch 5G SIM to 4G when 5G is not performing?

@ossi.laine, choosing “Auto mode” will do according to your requirement.

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Hi I can’t find Auto mode (under Network/WAN). Screen host from 5G SIM page attached.