Firmware 8.1.1 Beta 2

We would like to announce that the Firmware 8.1.1 Beta 2 is now available.

Supported models:
X Series, Balance, MAX, UBR, SpeedFusion Engine, FusionHub, Surf SOHO

Download Release Notes

Download the Firmware

API Document for 8.1.1


Can you please highlight changes from Beta 1?


and make it an habit :smiley:


Still experiencing the same issues with Balance 20s as indicated here: Balance 20 - 8.1.0 - unstable - #30 by OmarVR

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Nice! I see a couple of bug fixes that I have been really looking forward to. Cheers!


really like including the friendly port names in these Event Log messages
Nov 22 11:27:42 Port: Port 3 (RokuBox) status changed (link down)
Nov 22 10:22:06 Port: Port 3 (RokuBox) status changed (link up, speed 100 Mbps Full Duplex)
On a Balance 20x, at Network → Port Settings, the ports are still 4,5,6,7 rather than 1,2,3,4

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Do you have ticket opened ? We may need to investigate further from your device seen the fix is not helping you.

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Ticket #20110740

Just installed and noticed on the AP controller > Controller Status → Access Point screen, we no longer see the specific AP channels listed in the table summary. Not a deal breaker, but it was nice to see which channel each AP radio was set to without having to click into each AP detail screen

Thank you and support team will further check from the device.


Would you able to help check whether you able to see the channel info when you click on the “>” for the next page ?


Oh nice. My bad. I don’t recall if those were there in 8.1.0.

But indeed it’s all there and more. Nice feature.

Thanks @sitloongs


Just for information:
I am facing a problem on balance one with this Beta 2 fw that client traffic is not routed over SFC as defined. Only on automatic SFC location setting. Support team cared for it already based on a ticket I opened and confirmed it to be fixed in next fw version.

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Pretty sure my Balance 20x just crashed when maxing both WAN’s with a Steam download (2x ~30Mbit/s)

Also speedfusion tunnels take a very long time to establish on this build

8.1.1b1 and 8.1.1b2 both crash under load on my 20x, not sure how I didn’t notice this previously but it’s possible I just hadn’t been downloading much since installing 8.1.1.

Downgraded to 8.1.0 but also raised a ticket and submitted a diagnostic report.

Fusionhub is also on 8.1.1b2 but that side seems stable, seems to be the 20x that’s running into problems.

@dragon2611, look like you have opened a ticket and our technical support engineer is following with you. Let see what is the finding there.


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I lose WAN (PPPoE) and my AP Controlled device (AP One AC Mini) after upgrading from 8.1.1 Beta 1 on a Balance 20X.

Here is a guide for using the new Wi-Fi mesh feature. 8.1.1 allows all Balance/MAX routers with integrated 802.11ac or newer Wi-Fi to create a Wi-Fi mesh with other Peplink|Pepwave Wi-Fi APs, and also act as a controller to push mesh profiles out.

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For the session timeout option that is now available, what is the unit that is being set (seconds, minutes, hours)? The entry field doesn’t specify.

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Session timeout is in seconds :+1: :+1: :+1: