Firmware 8.1.0 RC 2

One thing we notice is that on Status → Client List the Network Name and Signal columns appear not to be populated. The following example is from a B210.

. (The 210 is controlling two APs.)

Incidentally – thanks for adding the “Ban Client” option. Nice! :+1:

I’ve been running 8.1.0 build 4928 for 26 hours and counting. I would normally have a number of disconnect/reconnect messages in my event log over that period of time on 8.0.2 build 1480.

As of this moment, I have two System: Time synchronization messages. I’m watching the log closely, but this build seems to be very stable.

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Hello Peplink Engineering Team,
We would like to report a bug with the GPS logging within the new firmware.
We were testing on Friday with a BR1 and PDX, we saw inconsistencies and when service was lost, the GPS locations during that time were not passed back to InControl2

From Pepwave MAX BR1 LTE

From Pepwave PDX

The PDX having some location errors would be understandable as it was sitting inside the cabin of the vehicle.
The BR1 though has a roof mount antenna and normally works very well.

We have captured diagnostic files and the GPX records out of the two units and can upload these into a ticket for Peplink support if requested.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

We are testing RC2 on a MAX Transit Duo (Cat-12) with an AP One AC Mini connected to host our local LAN. We use MacOS and Safari to interact with the control panels.

Overall 8.1 has a lot to like - here are the most significant issues and negatives we have run across…

SpeedFusion Status Display - The new SpeedFusion status display is essentially unusable on laptop-sized screens, and the way the graph display slides left/right in response to scrolling up/down is frustratingly non-intuitive. The information available on the new display is a major improvement, but overall it is in practice a big step down from the old graphs. Having an option to still view the old style would be great.

SpeedFusion Cloud > Link Wi-Fi to Cloud — The AP created by this does not seem to propagate to attached access points, which means that this feature does not work at all if the internal AP is disabled.

Dynamic Weighted Bonding - This sounds like a very interesting feature to explore. Is there any information available about the Dynamic Weighted Bonding algorithm? I was not able to change the Traffic Distribution model for PepVPN to our existing SpeedFusion servers (why not?), but was able to try enabling this for Speedfusion Cloud.

WiFi-as-WAN Use Leads to Router Lockup - The entire router eventually locks up and crashes when using WiFi-as-WAN for an upstream connection. This happened to us in 8.0 too, and made the option unreliable to use or recommend. When we experience the lockup the Wi-Fi network remains up, but you can not ping the router or reach the control panel. The only way to recover is to power-cycle. Afterwards, there is nothing left in the logs indicating a problem. We had 4 lockups yesterday after installing 8.1 - once I disabled WiFi-as-WAN connections the lockups seem to have ceased.

Bonding / Streaming Issues - There still does not seem to be an easy way to route streaming traffic automatically outside of the bonded connection. In particular - Netflix and Hulu will not work over SpeedFusion, and it is a support nightmare to explain to people that they need to switch to a different SSID or reconfigure the router to disable SpeedFusion to stream. This has been a long-standing problem - I was hoping 8.1 and/or SpeedFusion Cloud would have improved things.


  • Chris

Regarding the WiFi-as-WAN issue, I’m guessing you’re running WPA2/PSK correct? I am also seeing this problem on 8.0.2. I’m testing it right now on 8.1.0 and while I’m still seeing the problem, it appears to be at a much lesser occurrance. However, I’m NOT seeing it when running OPEN (unencrypted). I’m till testing to see if this is where the fault lies.

Not an acceptable answer I know, but might be a datapoint to solving this problem.


Suppose you should see this info :

May i know the firmware version running for the APs ?
Would you please open a ticket for us to check further ?


For the GPS issue, please open a support ticket for support team to check. Please provide the time-stamp where you see the lost and support team need to compare the GPS missing info whether is related to lost of GPS signal.

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Thank you for the feedback, Engineering team will review this and consider the possible improvement.

You are right, as for now it’s only for the integrated AP. Definitely Engineering team will consider for the improvement.

The option is available in support.cgi page.

@Technomadia @tcpip95
Please open a sipport ticket for support team to check.

May i know the deployment detail ? Netflix and Hulu should be added as SpeedFusion Cloud Application now.

Hello @Sit,
Please see ticket #20070361
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much

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Hi @sitloongs. Yes, that’s the screen we’d expect to see. My original report (above) was on a B210. We’ve duplicated the issue on a B305 and have entered ticket 20070361 for that device and marked it to your attention.

Your assistance is very valuable and always appreciated.



@sitloongs I’ll open a ticket as requested.

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I found the option there - and was able to turn it on for SpeedFusion Cloud. But attempting to turn it on for our SpeedFusion Solo instances did not work.

And more importantly - I would love a description of just what this new bonding mode does. How are the dynamic weights calculated?

Ticket #20070382 has been created with this issue.

We are experimenting with SpeedFusion Cloud and SpeedFusion Solo - and have never had any luck managing streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu to bypass the bond. If there is a way to do this now, is it documented?


@Technomadia, I believe you are referring to the FusionHub Solo. I am able to enable Dynamic Weighted Bonding in FusionHub.

Dynamic Weighted Bonding will evaluate the statistics of each WAN every second then set a weight for these WANs. Packets will be transmitted according to that weight value.

You should able to route Netflix or Hulu to SpeedFusionCloud. Please find the screenshot below.


“Dynamic Weighted Bonding will evaluate the statistics of each WAN every second then set a weight for these WANs. Packets will be transmitted according to that weight value.”

Can you please elaborate?

It is evaluating the health of each WAN and then rating them? Based on latency? packet loss? bandwidth?

Thank you

I asked about this on 8.1 beta 3 and 8.1 RC1 threads , but I didn’t get a response.
Is packet capture working in this build, on all models?

I had discovered and reported that it wasn’t working on BR1 models of the 8.1 beta/RC releases.

On the “PepVPN with SpeedFusion” page I see “This configuration is being managed by InControl” and I can not bring up the edit screen to adjust the settings.

And on InControl, I can find not way to enable Dynamic Weighted Bonding.

Under the SpeedFusion Cloud tab however, I am able to configure this setting for SpeedFusion Cloud. I just have not been able to get it enabled for our FusionHub Solo instances yet. Do I also need to upgrade the FusionHub Solo installs to 8.1?

This is a fabulous new feature - and I would love to see this as an option for regular Load Balancing as well as for SpeedFusion. Is this a possibility?

This is exactly the opposite of what I would like to achieve.

I would like all traffic to go over SpeedFusion Cloud, other than streaming apps - which should go out load balanced over the active connections, bypassing SpeedFusion.

I have not yet found a straightforward way to achieve this.



As mentioned, it’s only affecting BR1 models. Report filed and Engineering team is working on that.

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On the “PepVPN with SpeedFusion” page I see “This configuration is being managed by InControl” and I can not bring up the edit screen to adjust the settings.

You see this, when you have configured the SpeedFusion Settings in InControl. Please go to InControl and check if SpeedFusion Management is enabled there. If you disable this, you can manage it on the local GUI.
WARNING! The SpeedFusion Tunnel build with InControl will be disabled after that.



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@mystery, it is based on latency. Btw, we are improving it to cater packet loss in the future firmware release.

@Technomadia, I believe @dennis.hofheinz has provided the answer to configure Dynamic Weighted Bonding locally. Dynamic Weighted Bonding is supported in 8.1.0 and above. WAN load balancing and SpeedFusion Bonding are different. WAN load balancing is session based but SpeedFusion Bonding is packet based. Technically, packet based load balancing can’t be implemented to the regular load balancing as the destination site will not accept a connection that comes from different public IPs. Sorry for my misunderstanding. Application based routing is available for SpeedFusin tunnel and SpeedFusion Cloud only at the moment.