Firmware 8.1.0 build 4943

I have recently upgraded my router from Max BR-1 Mini to a Max Transit Duo CAT12, and was suggested that I also update the firmware to the new 8.1.0 version. Although the update went well and the router performed fine, I did discover an issue with the attached Synology NAS not being recognized on the network. After much time spent with tech support of both products, trying to configure both the NAS and the router to no avail I ended up rolling back the firmware to the previous version. This fixed my issue! So, heads up to the Pep Link team: please fix this issue in your next firmware version.

Hi @tularockstar
Could you please open a support ticket so we can look at this?
I personally have two Synology servers running without issue using many different versions of firmware including all the recent 8.1.0 beta and release candidates only difference is mine are connected to a Balance SDX.
I do have a UBR-Go that I will test with tomorrow.
Could you please let me know which model of Synology your are using and its firmware version?

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Hi Sam,

Yes, I can open a support ticket for you. My Synology NAS is DS216 with two 4TB WD Red drives. My router is a new Pep Wave Max Transit Duo CAT 12 with dual modems. The firmware version I reverted back to is 8.0.2 build 4407. I was trying to play music files from the NAS via Roku media player. The error I got from Roku said that DLNA server was not online or was not on the network. I also did not see the DS216 on the network, until after I rolled back the firmware.