Firmware 8.0.0 is now in RC1

Wow. Still no IPv6 for the BR1 ENT!?

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I can’t upload any new firmware on my SFE Duo LTE. Clicking on Status > Firmware tab redirects me directly to the Firmware Upgrade status, despite I did not load any new image yet.

Reset to factory helped us solve the problem :slight_smile:

What was the firmware on the unit?

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It is 8.0.0b03 build 3333. After the factory reset I could upload a new FW to the flash memory, but it was never installed. I tired downgrading to 7.1.2 and 7.1.1 both from IC2 and locally but it didn’t work. The upload always stops somewhere in the middle of the progress bar.



Would you please open a support ticket for us to check ?

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Hi @sitloongs,

I just opened the ticket #9020040 :slight_smile:


Thank you and we will check on this.

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Love that forward error correction has been added but I must admit I thought that was essentially what WAN smoothing was already.

The tiered outbound policy and network groups are big plus’ as well! :grin:


I had been running 8.0.0 beta 3 with zero problems, but I just upgraded to 8.0.0 RC1 this morning, and my download bandwidth seems dramatically limited (I have dual 300mbps cable modems, but am only able to pull about 130-160). the peplink CPU % looks OK (never getting above 75%) and the ethernet links are all at 1000mbps. Anyone else seeing this? I do have the bufferbloat fix enabled.

Ahh, I see I’m not alone: "Mitigate bufferbloat" reduces download bandwidth by half

There is no mentioning of bufferbloat protection in the release notes: it is available for Surf SOHO?

UPDATE: found the answer here Need Active Queue Management for Bufferbloat (fq_codel)

Do either of these two following features mean that I will be able to throttle/limit the amount of throughput that individuals or devices may use? I have a Surf SOHO MK3 and very limited WAN bandwidth via cellular mifi. I’m also a parent with kids that love watching YouTube too much, so I want to decrease the amount of bandwidth that their devices get to eat up.

Normally, I would govern this on their devices directly but because of limitations in the parental controls, I do not have access to that functionality. I’m fishing around for a solution that allows me to do this. If it means buying a different router, I’m open to hearing that suggestion too.


[Grouped Network] You can now designate groups of IP
addresses, which can then be used to define firewall rules.
[Grouped Network] You can now designate groups of IP
addresses, which can then be used to define outbound policy

Bueller?? Anyone know?

Good to see CarFi now available, thank you for that

However, still facing an issue that “Lowest Latency” and “Least Used” are missing as options on Outbound policy in the drop down on a MK2. The device supports Lowest Latency because the tool tip for the “auto” option says “When Auto is chosen, lowest latency algorithm will be applied.” Shouldn’t it be available as an option on the drop down?

Hi. The release notes state that 8.0 Beta 3 is compatible with the BR1 M2M, but the Beta Download Page does not have an entry for this device.

Please help!

@JonathanGroves, please use the download link for BR1 -


Thanks very much, @TK_Liew. It might be worth updating the download page: it lists lits of devices but not the M2M…