Firmware 7.0.1 build 3414 Health Check Fails

Balance 20. After updating to 7.0.1 in June, I started seeing 10-15 WAN 1 health check failure notifications daily. The disconnects were typically for 1-2 minutes. Today, I finally became annoyed enough to try to determine the cause. I tried various changes to the health check parameters to no avail. Looking at the support.cgi page, I found that there were many, many more failures short of generating a notification. I downgraded back to 7.0.0 build 3310. End of the problem.

I spoke too soon. Things were perfect for about four hours. Now back to disconnects. Discouraging.

WAN health check is just a tools to verify the WAN status. Usually is the WAN condition failing the WAN health check more than WAN health check failing the WAN.

Please follow the forum thread below to isolate the issue:

Thank you for the response sitloongs. Digging deeper, I found that the cable modem is randomly rebooting. At this point, it looks like a marginal signal from Spectrum/Time Warner. I am now investigating if it is an inside wiring, outside wiring, or a headend issue. If that is fruitless, I will focus on the modem itself.

It seems that I have just seen a series of meaningless coincidences. The Peplink box is merely operating as intended.