Firmware 6.3 GA Backwards Compatibility w/ Firmware 6.2.x


Will firmware 6.3 GA be backwards compatible with devices running firmware 6.2.x ?


Hi WFF, yes that is correct.

@Tim S.

Great, I wanted to make sure I could have a split environment. I have a BL380v5, some MAX-BR1’s and a bunch of SUS-SOHO equipment deployed.

In reference to the issues with BL380 incompatibility with 6.3 GA, is there a chart/graph, table of the SpeedFusion speed reduction?


@WFF, there is no chart or graph available yet but we will be sure to provide more information as it becomes available.

Hi, we second that here.
Please tell us how much speedfusion vpn throughput is expected on hw1 balances using 6.3.
We have customers on hw1 platforms currently, new customers soon to be terminated on existing hw1 devices in our network, and because of that we need to predict if the hw1 devices will be fit for purpose when we have to rollout 6.3.

Hi Dana,

SpeedFusion throughput was fixed. I suggest waiting for v6.3.1.