Firmware 6.3 Content Blocking -- Preset categories missing

The manual for the new firmware show a preset category blocking page similar to that seen on openDNS as shown below:

On my balance 50 with the 6.3 content, here is what the same page looks like. No Preset categories. Is this something that didn’t make it into the final firmware version?

Obviously, having the preset categories makes this new feature much much more usable and useful.

Thanks in advance for your comments.



This is due to the different Balance models. Your model does not have all of the preset options which would be included in the higher models. Thank you for bringing this to our attention as we may need to tweak this in the user guide.

I guess my followup question and statement would be: Any chance these preset categories will be available in the Balance 20/30/50 family anytime in the future? A lot of those devices are utilized by people such as myself in our homes, when this type of categorization would be very helpful in locking down the network for our children.

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Can you also explain a little bit more about how the content blocking works? I’ve tried on a few devices with no luck. Does this work on HTTPS sites, who/what determine what sites are part of a category, how are the categories updated or managed?

@Shadowboxer, your feature request is well noted.

@Kevin, the sites and categories are predetermined based on a large database of known objectionable material. Frequent updates will eventually be available through InControl2 and we will also update these when we push out a new firmware build.