Firmware 6.2 RC3 (for Balance / MAX / Surf SOHO)


Firmware 6.2 has moved onto the 3rd release candidate! Please note the following points:

  • SSLv3 POODLE Vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566) Addressed
    : Recently, a vulnerability in the design of SSLv3 has been made public. Firmware 6.2 addresses this vulnerability. - Layer 2 PepVPN Profiles Need Reconfiguration
    : Layer 2 PepVPN is now easier to use and more flexible. However, PepVPN profiles created using Firmware 6.1 or - below will need to be reconfigured in order to work in Firmware 6.2. Please follow the instructions from this link: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum
  • PepVPN Not Backwards Compatible Betas 1 and 2
    : To improve the functionality of PepVPN, we have made some changes that make Firmware 6.2 beta 3 incompatible with 6.2 beta 1 and 6.2 beta 2. Please rest assured that compatibility with GA Firmware 5.3 and above remains unchanged. - Adjustment Needed for AP One AC Mini
    : In order for clients to connect to the AP One AC Mini using 802.11ac, you will need to make a slight adjustment. Please go to the Web UI and navigate to AP > Profiles > your profile. There, find the “5Ghz channel bonding” setting and change it to “auto”. - PepVPN Will Appear Offline on Router Utility Version 1.3
    : For devices running Firmware 6.2, Router Utility 1.3 will incorrectly show PepVPN connections as offline. This can be addressed by upgrading to Router Utility version 1.4.

Here are the improvements from Beta 3:

  • Internal Service Forwarding
    : Intercept traffic from specified ports and forward it to a local server. - Routing
    : L2TP is now supported as an option for forming VPN. - CLI
    : CLI SSH admin access can now also be restricted by source IP address. - SIM Card
    : Cellular-enabled devices can now add, remove, and modify the PIN on SIM cards. - Firewall
    : Outbound firewall rules can now match by source MAC address.

Here are the release notes for Firmware 6.2.0 RC.