Firmware 6.2 Open Beta Release 3

We are now releasing Beta 3 of Firmware 6.2. Here are some important items to note:

  • SSLv3 POODLE Vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566) Addressed:
    Recently, a vulnerability in the design of SSLv3 has been made public. Firmware 6.2 addresses this vulnerability. - Beta 3 PepVPN Not Backwards Compatible With Previous Betas:
    To improve the functionality of PepVPN, we have made some changes that make Firmware 6.2 beta 3 incompatible with 6.2 beta 1 and 6.2 beta 2.Please rest assured that compatibility with GA Firmware 5.3 and above remains unchanged.
    Improvements since Beta 2:

  • Routing:
    OSPF is now available on all Balance and MAX models. - Load Balancing:
    All router models with multi-wan capability can now support all 7 load balancing algorithms. - PepVPN:
    NAT Mode now works with OSPF to make network configuration easier than before. Clients using PepVPN NAT Mode can access all the networks on the server side while staying hidden from the server to avoid route conflict. - Web UI:
    Instead of automatically selecting a network, devices with embedded LTE modems now offer the choice of which network to connect with. This feature is available for international models with SKUs ending with ā€œ-Eā€ (e.g. BPL-031-LTE-E, SUS-SOHO-LTE-E) - QoS:
    All devices now support bandwidth limits for individual clients.

Please refer to the release notes for additional details. We invite you to join the beta and help us make this the best firmware release yet.

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