Firmware 6.2 Open Beta Release 1

**IMPORTANT: This is beta software. Usage within a production environment is neither recommended nor supported.

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**In response to the growing size of customer deployments, our new Firmware 6.2.0 release delivers significant improvements to SpeedFusion. Now entering Open Beta, Firmware 6.2.0 makes large-scale deployments easier than ever:

  • Multi-Site SpeedFusion Profile:
    With a single click, form PepVPN / SpeedFusion connections with thousands of remote sites using the same ID and preshared key. No further configuration necessary.

  • PepVPN Layer 2 Peer Isolation:
    Want more data security for branch offices? Devices on the same Layer 2 PepVPN profile can now be made invisible to each other. Each device will see only itself and headquarters.

  • Configurable Traffic Direction:
    Have one connection with really slow upload speed? Use it for download only. With SpeedFusion, you can assign any link in a tunnel to be upload only, download only, or both.

Please refer to the release notes for additional details. We invite you to join the beta and help us make this the best firmware release yet.

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IMPORTANT: To report any issues you encounter, please follow these steps:

1) Obtain a Diagnostic Report Before Rebooting: When you reboot your device, valuable information about the issue could be lost. To obtain a diagnostic report, please** refer to this document.
2) Turn On Remote Assistance Before Rebooting: Remote Assistance enables us to better diagnose the problem. To turn on remote assistance, please** refer to this document.
3) Submit a Support Ticket: This will facilitate communications between you and our support team. Please submit the ticket via** ************and specify “Beta” in the Inquiry

Hello all, to make sure every issue gets the attention it needs, please post a new thread for each issue.

Thanks - Alan