Firmware 6.2.2 RC: Important Fixes

After receiving your feedback, we have discovered some issues in Firmware 6.2.1:

  • If PepVPN is established behind NAT, after a period of usage, PepVPN will become unstable after a WAN up / WAN down event.
  • The Surf SOHO, MAX BR1, and MAX On-The-Go are unable to reset their bandwidth quotas after going through a cold power cycle.
  • The captive portal will not respond to the default browser of older mobile devices running Android 4.4 or older.

To fix these issues, we are releasing Firmware 6.2.2. The link below leads to the RC version of Firmware 6.2.2. In a couple of days,
we will be launching this as GA version as well. Until then, our official download page will revert to Firmware 6.2.0. If you have any
questions, let us know!


We have similar issue (Portal not responding) on Balance 1 and Android 5.0.2. Did you fix it on this firmware ??

Hi Hootan,

As stated in the notes, it should be affecting Android 4.4 or earlier, you case might be different situation. Would you mind to open a support ticket with diagnostic report captured, for further diagnosis?

Thanks and regards.

On the downloads page, it’s not clear which file to download for BR1 ENT. Previous experience suggests it would NOT be the BR1/BR2 file but rather the HD2 mini or HD4 file. Can you confirm and also can you add BR1 ENT explicitly on these pages to avoid this confusion?

Hello and thank you for bringing this to our attention. You will need to use the MAX HD4 firmware link to upgrade the BR1 ENT.

Yes, thank you! That page has been updated.

Hello All,

Firmware 6.2.2 has now been released to the public! Thank you for your valuable feedback, and see you next beta!

We having a nightmare still with 6.2.2RC, pep vpn drops around 3-15 days, any advice ?

Cloudaire, out of curiosity is this between Peplinks both with public static IPs directly? Or is at least one behind another NAT router?

Hi Cloudaire, do you have an open ticket? It looks like we need to do remote monitoring to see what caused the VPN disconnects. Thanks.