Firmware 6.2.1 beta (for Balance / MAX / Surf SOHO)

Firmware 6.2.1 beta comes with several exciting new features:

  • Social Wi-Fi Hotspot
    ]( Enable your guests to login to your Wi-Fi Hotspot using Facebook. Gain demographic insights about your visitors. - L2TP Over IPSec
    : Remote clients now have a safe and convenient way to access trusted networks via iPhone, Android, Windows, and OS X. - AP Controller Licenses Go Free
    : All AP controller enabled devices will support the maximum number of APs they can support without any license activation. - Extended LACP Support
    : LACP (802.3ad) support has been extended to Balance 305/380 and above. Combine the bandwidth of multiple LAN ports into a single connection.

Click the link below to try it out, and let us know what you think!


Hello All,

Firmware 6.2.1 has now been released to the public! Thank you for your valuable feedback, and see you next beta!