Firmware 5.4.x Download

I noticed the firmware 5.4.1 and 5.4.4 were removed from the download list. Is there any serious issue about these firmwares? I got new Peplink LB-380 which came with 5.3.9, and wanted to upgrade it. Do you recommend I should upgrade to 5.4.4 or to 5.3.12? Please advise, as removing the 5.4.x firmware from downloads makes it worrying about these releases having issues.

We have identified some stability issues in firmware 5.4 series, which affect some of the deployments and decided to remove it from our download sites. We are working on an update release to be available tentatively in about two weeks time. For your case, we would suggest you to upgrade to 5.3.12 until the new firmware release available.

i was using 5.4.1 since 28th june 2012, there was no problem until yesterday which i had a problem with a dhcp
seems like the 5.4.1 doesnt handle the dhcp as good as 5.3.12, and i was looking at the cpanel if there’s any update on the fw
i was shocked that there’s no update but a removal of 5.4.1 as you’re reading this i already downloaded back the 5.3.12 for a downgrade


Can you elaborate on what stability issues and bugs that were found in version 5.4.X?

Dear customers,

Please refer to our post here for the latest news and updates regarding Firmware 5.4.