Firewall rules and port mapping hierarchy: missing official documentation

Hello there,
the Balance manual firmare v8 misses completely an explanation about what priority is applied to the firewall rules and port mapping

For the firewall we have:

  • Inbound Firewall Rules
  • Internal Network Firewall Rules
  • Local Service Firewall Rules

And for port mapping:

  • Inbound access & port mapping
  • Custom Service Forwarding Setup

Where can a user find all this explained extensively?

No answers, it looks like this is top secret :laughing:

Priority order is:

  1. Local Service Firewall Rules
  2. Inbound Firewall Rules

Internal firewall rules can block traffic that is allowed by inbound firewall rules depending on network topology.

Inbound port mapping is for inbound traffic, custom service forwarding is for outbound traffic.

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Hey Martin, where did you get this? :smiley:

It was in my head from doing this stuff for so long. :wink:

Are you aware of any document/manual on this topic?

Just this.

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Great help!
Thanks :wink: