Firewall Question Pepwave SURF 6.03 firmware

I am using the default setting to block all traffic as default. I have ports open to allow appropriate traffic through.
I have some application that is trying to get through on a blocked port but I am having trouble figuring out which one.
Does the firewall log blocked traffic somewhere that I can use to see what is happening?



On your firewall rule, there is a check box for ‘Event Logging.’ Go ahead and enable this and save and apply changes. From there go to the ‘Status’, ‘Event Log’ tab. If you are by default blocking all traffic, you’ll have a lot to sift through here but you’ll see exactly what the firewall is blocking and this should let you narrow down what application is causing the issues.

Cool, I will give that a go!

Actually, the default firewall setting does not have the logging check box like the others.


The default Rule will not have the option for event logging. You will need to add a rule.

Ok, is 6.03 current for firmware?

If you are in warranty, you can go ahead and upgrade to the current 6.1 firmware which can be obtained here: