Firewall, Outbound Policy, and Admin Security not loading after reboot

I have a Balance 300 running 4.8.1 in a co-lo setup that has been as-is for about 3 year. We reboot it once a year during routine maintenance. This year, after reboot the Firewall, Outbound Policy, and Admin Security pages will not load. Outbound Policy and Admin Security are blank and firewall loads the 3 boxes (Outbound/Inbound/Intrusion) but “spin” the loading image. Another reboot via UI and a power cycle yielded the same results. The only changes in the last 3 years are a few new inbound firewall rules. Any ideas or suggestions?

Wow, I really should have searched the forums better before posting. The issue is incompatibility with IE9. Turning on compatibility mode allowed the pages to load.

No worries, Dana. Yeah IE isn’t really the nicest browser around :wink: