Firewall blocking rules don't work via MAC address but do work via IP address - Firmware 8.0.0 build 1238


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After trying to show a client how to simply block a device and explaining why you should use the MAC address rather than the IP address, the device in question was not blocked and still had full internet connectivity! When we blocked the same device via IP address, the device lost internet connectivity instantly. We double checked the MAC address was correct and tried blocking different devices.
HD4 MBX - Firmware 8.0.0 build 1238
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Can I confirm the client is routed through a layer 3 device as below?

Client —> Layer 3 switch/router/firewall —> MBX —> Internet


Hi @TK_Liew
Its set up;
Client <—> AP ONE ENT <—> SD-Switch <—> Untangle Firewall (in transparent bridge mode) <—> MBX
Is the Untangle firewall stoping the MAC address blocking?
The MBX can see the MAC addresses in the client list.
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@GNO-2014, we tested the setup without the “Untangle Firewall (in transparent bridge mode)” and the MAC Address Blocking was working in firmware 8.0GA.

Do you think it is possible to test it without the “Untangle firewall” in between the SD-Switch and MBX?

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