Find My Peplink when using Drop In Mode, any way to have it show the firewall's IP?

I have a HD2 in drop in mode, where we have a /29, the existing firewall is .114, gateway is .113 and I set the HD2 to be .115. There’s also a single SIM for cellular which has a public IP as well at .230.

When I try to use the Find My Peplink service, in IC2 it seems like when the WAN1 is primary, it only shows the .115 IP via the address, same with the ic2-detected address showing. They always show the .115. When Cellular is active, both show the .230 as expected.

Is there any way to have it show the .114 IP address of the existing firewall when referring to WAN1 and not the IP that’s assigned to the HD2?

InControl2 provides a number of DNS names in a multi-WAN config.
Lets say you set it to and you had two wans connected.
In this case you’d also be able to use:


You can also decide if you want the mypeplink service to resolve the public IP address (detected by the servce) the IP address assigned to the actual interface (sometimes private):

I would have a play with these extra records and see if the address is what you’re looking for.