Find My Peplink - Use "detected" IP vs. actual WAN interface IP



Just to make sure I understand: if there is an outbound rule for UDP 5246 then that rule determines which WAN is being used, and if there is none then the default (first unconstrained) rule determines which WAN?

As a follow-up: If the rule is indeterminate w.r.t. the WAN (e.g., it is a multi-WAN balance rule) then any one of the possible WANs could be it? And if the rule directs communications across a PepVPN link then the break-out WAN at the other end of that link becomes the chosen IP address?


Packets for UDP 5246 definitely routed based on Outbound Policy. Even all policies are removed and left the Default policy, it will be routed based on lowest latency WAN link.

If you add a policy to route UDP 5246 to PepVPN tunnel, then one of the public IP of remote PepVPN peer will be detected. This also depend the Outbound Policies of the remote PepVPN peer.


This was all very helpful. For this particular unit the default outbound rule was to route to the pepVPN connection. I’ll add a rule for UDP 5246 to direct the IC2 traffic to the appropriate WAN.