Filter Networks Share by Speedfusion

I have a Balance 210 with a Cisco router and multiple subnets on the LAN interface. As such, I have static routes for those LANs pointing to the Cisco router. However, our client is requesting that one of the LAN subnets not be accessible outside of this site. So my question is: how do I prevent that one particular LAN from being advertised to all of the other Speedfusion devices? We have a hub and spoke setup, so this site advertises the subnet to HQ and then HQ advertises it out to all of the remote Speedfusion peers.

Of course, I can accomplish this type of isolation using ACLs on the Cisco router, but wouldn’t it be nice to simply tell the Balance unit to not advertise the network?


You can block access to that subnet with an inbound firewall rule in the Balance.


We have had multiple clients ask about this functionality and we feel it would also be a very useful feature. It would be nice to select in the profile which networks you want to advertise to the remote SF peer.


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