Fibre failing over to LTE but needs inbound failover, what do the experts recommend?

Hey everyone,

I’d love to hear how others would deploy something based on the requirements below. No point reinventing the wheel so would be great to hear what other partners do for customers in this situation.

  • Primary WAN is Fibre Internet with a /30 and single public IP
  • Customer needs single SIM LTE failover, so most likely a BR1. The LTE also has Static Public IP.
  • They do not need hot failover, but do need the LTE to activate the moment the Fibre fails
  • Their main requirement is inbound failover. They need to easily be able to remotely access the servers on premise connected to their firewall (phone system, web server, other standard file servers).
  • They need to keep their existing Cisco Meraki firewall
  • Using FusionHub is definitely an option as well
  • Their existing firewall has IP 74.x.x.114

The main requirement is the inbound failover. They are open to various ways of accomplishing this (direct to the public IP on the fibre or LTE, using Find My Peplink, using FusionHub, etc) but need something that’s easy. Using drop in mode over NAT is preferred, but only if inbound from the LTE SIM or FusionHub works.

We need easy deployment where everything generally works with the most compatibility, hence thinking of using drop in mode. I just get stuck on the inbound connectivity part, as when sharing a single public IP for drop in mode I haven’t been able to get the LTE public IP to forward to the firewall, or FusionHub’s either, so would just love feedback on how others would design this.