Feature Request: WiFi Intrusion Detection

With so many people trying to steal wifi connection for things like pirating I was wondering if we can setup some type of intrusion detection in the peplink.

That is have a list of known MAC addresses. If an unknown address connects it alerts via the iPhone app and/or e-mail.

Guess the same could be done for the LAN too… but personally I’m only looking at the WiFi.


Our access points do have mac-filtering options as the Balance series of routers do not have built-in Wi-Fi (Excluding the Balance One).

It’s the new Balance One which triggered this request. mac-filtering is not really what I’m after. I want to setup a Guest SSID but want to know when devices are using it. Or worse have hacked the password. A filter would require the guest to have me log in and add them. (which wouldn’t be so bad if I could do it from my iphone)

Hi Michael,

May I know 802.1X for Wifi or User Authentication for Captive Portal can fulfill your requirements?

802.1X for Wifi

User Authentication for Captive Portal

Using user access or open access, looking for more an intrusion detection system.

Two scenarios

  • If user Bob (MAC: 00:01:02…) is logged in but I know Bob is currently 3000 km away… there’s a problem.
  • If a new MAC address shows up on the network I’m notified

This notification could be similar to the Firewall DENIED log.

Partly thinking out loud here. Any way of getting the client list via snmp? Can script an intrusion detection system. Won’t get the alerts via peplink iphone utility but could at least e-mail.

I think this would be useful not only for WiFi, but LAN as well. First time a new Mac Address shows up, have an option to be notified via email, app push, write in event log. This is a requirement for PCI Compliance 3.0 - “Intrusion Detection Compliance for Mac Address”.

UPDATE: Peplink is fully capable of meeting the requirements for PCI DSS 3.0 compliant networks. Click here for full details.