Feature request: limit Manager bandwidth?


In our school we have configured school computers on “Manager”, personal devices on “staff” and guests on “Guest”
Unfortunately there’s no way to limit manager…
Would be useful to add a limitation on this


I Agree.
This also comes back to many requests in the past for a few more user groups.
Even five user groups on the lower power units and say up to ten user groups on the higher end equipment.


Any chance we get a reply from Peplink?


This feature is on our priority list, however it is not available in next major firmware.


I’ve been asking for more groups for a while…


Please put this a little higher on the list of possible.
It has been requested a few times.
Three groups (of which only two are limitable) are not enough for enterprise routers


Need more people to get behind this and it would also be nice to be able to name the groups anything you want