Feature Request: InControl2: Ability to maximize Firewall Rules / Outbound Policy Popups

Dear Peplink team,
I would like to suggest to add the WEBUI possibility to maximize the popup window for editing the firewall rules and outbound policy rules under network settings → firewall rules that they could use the whole display size available.
I am using InControl2 on a 27” Monitor via PC and this popup is just using only a very small part on my display. It would really ease up rule editing and improve clarity by having more space instead of linefeeds in the columns.
Additionally, I would like to suggest to improve especially for these 2 popups the usability via cell phone (e.g. iPhone) for quick administration on business trips. They are nearly unusable via cell currently as one can’t zoom them.

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Any comments to this request?
Noone else struggling with the IC2 web GUI using a mobile / cell phone as remote admin?
E.g. Outbound policy is absolutely not editable.
If Peplink would minimum care for device adapted zoom, so that the popups are correctly displayed / zoomed for the device target screen… :man_shrugging:t2: