Feature Request - InControl Device Reports

There are several useful reports in InControl that is provided at the device level. I would like the ability to view these reports for multiple devices (at the Group Level and at the Enterprise Level). I have over 100+ devices that I would like to analyze and understand the usages/signal strengths for those devices.

Thank you Peplink Team!!!

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Thanks for your suggestion. Currently only the cellular reports are not available in group level. We do not yet have a plan to implement organization level report. The decision may change upon receiving more customers’ feedback.

As the data size of just one device’s cellular reports is already pretty large, the page’s loading time currently is not fast. So we are re-implementing the maps. The loading time shall improve a lot. Afterward we will study if it is feasible to provide group level cellular reports. Stay tuned.


Thank you Michael for your response.

Is there a way to query this information for multiple devices (Not through the UI)?

I appreciate the help.

For custom reports, please consider to pull the info using IC2 API. Details info can be found using the following URL: