Feature request- Geo fencing for redundant SIM card slot and WAN interfaces

It would be great to be able to set the MAX devices with redundant sim and multi WANs to change SIM and WAN depending on location. Our use is mainly for multi country use. i.e. for the BR1/HD4 it would be great to have Italian and French SIM cards installed and automatically change when the device crosses the border. This feature would also be great if you knew there is a black spot somewhere and could automatically change to another carrier before you even hit the black spot. Self learning function would also work great for this with a fleet and incontrol2, maybe even option to anonymously share black spot data via incontrol2 as well.

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Regarding redundant SIMs:


I under stand how the fail over works but for example, our French SIMs will work in Italy but run up a massive data roaming. If it was geo-fenced, it would change to the Italian SIM before a massive bill was run up.


You may disable data roaming on Cellular interface. This will help to failover to Italy SIM card.