Feature Request - Customize SF handshake port in IC2

Hello Team,

Customize SF handshake port is not supported by IC2 at the moment.
When will this be added in ic2?

Thank you.

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Please refer to the answer given by James Hedden here.

The requested feature is currently not available or in the upcoming 2.8.3 release.


Hello @JamesPep,
In relation to the comment at the URL mentioned by @sitloongs

Is it possible with combined future FW releases & IC2 updates that an alternative/secondary port could be custom defined while leaving the default handshake port intact?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus. What situations have you found that would benefit from a 2nd active handshake port?

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Hello Martin,
Honestly none. The situation we are forward thinking of is where there may be a future client that wishes to define all port # usage or has an existing firewall using that port #, so a secondary handshake port # then would be useful. At the moment we have no need, it is just an idea for the increased flexibility of the Peplink/Pepwave range.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Hi Rocknolds,

SF handshake port customization has been added in the latest 2.8.4 release, and can be found on the device details page.


many thanks for the update @JamesPep

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