Feature Activation Key Issue

Setting up my new max BR1 MK2. Tried to add the Feature Add-ons activation key and I get an error message that reads “Activation failed…key has been used”. What to do next? it’s a brand new device and I’ve not used the key.

Step 1: Ensure you used the correct key. Copy/paste it from the e-mail or other documentation you received. Don’t try to do it “manually.”
Step 2: If that fails contact the Partner (I hope it was a Partner …) who sold it to you. They’re in the best position to resolve the issue.

InControl2 will push licenses to devices, so If you’re using InControl2, I would suspect that the license has already been applied and that’s why you’re getting that particular message. If that’s not the case, @Rick-DC is exactly right. I’d contact the Peplink partner you purchased the router and/or license through and they should be able to help provide some insight and get things resolved if needed.

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