Fast Wireless APs

Do you have any wireless APs other than the Max Mobile that have GigE ports?

Looking to do a medium scale wireless build-up at work (15+ APs) and already have InControl for other Pepwave products, but I don’t want to invest in wireless that’s based on the, becoming legacy FastE standard.

We will have a 2x2 802.11n AP product with GbE interface coming soon.

I hate to ask, but do you have a timeline for those new APs? I wanted to wait until after CES to ask in case you made an announcement around that time.

I’d prefer to stick with Peplink/Pepwave, but Meraki/Ubiquiti/Engenius/Open-Mesh are looking enticing.

Can you give an idea as to some of the features?

802.3af/at ?
mesh features ?
cloud management ?
vpn features ?