I just updated a corporate nightmare where our remote site was connected to our main plant via VPN over a pair of Cisco 871 routers. At the main plant was a T1. At the remote site, there was a cable connection. The entire system worked like a giant stop sign… Work couldn’t get done, and engineering drawings needed at the remote site, and stored on the main site domain server took ages to load.

i decided to replace the Cisco 871’s with a pair of Peplink Balance 210’s. I already had a super fast cable modem available at the main plant (for wifi and video monitoring), and I hoped that would fix the data bottleneck caused by the solo T1 line currently in use for the VPN connection.

it all worked out beyond my greatest expectations. The support team at Frontier (my Peplink retailer) is beyond fantastic. A few exchanges of information, and a few hours of config and testing time later, and I have a lightning fast network at both locations… Even better, I’m very comfortable with the 210 router config routine… Next step is to add a FIOS link at each end, and dump the $500+/Mo T1 line. I have already tested the failover capability, and the ability of the Peplink router to route VPN data over any available path on the fly.

So far, I’m sleeping better at night lately than I have in Months…

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Hi Jim-

Thanks for sharing the positive feedback, we always love to hear these success stories!

We appreciate you sharing your experience!


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I appreciate getting good value, far better performance than I imagined, and best of all, incredibly talented and patient support from Frontier. Peplink routers saved the day for me. Peplink support from your reseller saved me from a slow death of a million questions from upper management.

It all just worked at the end of the day. Even problems with Cablevision WAN hardware that I was not aware of were reported by the Peplink iPhone app. Awesome. I can sleep again at night. Thanks to the team!

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Hi Jim -

Thanks for your kind words. Peplink takes pride in their support and products and we do the same!

Talk to you soon,

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Our company was so impressed with the Peplink solution that we started to implement it at other clients as well, and am proud to say that we will soon reach the “100 units” mark for Peplink and Pepwave devices that we have sold and assisted South African companies with.

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