Fail-Over, connection freezes until next ISP assumes

Hello, I’ve been using the peplink solutions for video streaming and 3G Bonding, so far I’m really happy with it and the Peplink crew has been very supportive.

A client asked me if the system could work to provide backup to a security surveillance system, the idea is simple, I would got two ISP connections one is cable, or DSL, another one is 3G, if the cable goes down, 3G would assume.

I’ve made a quick setup here and found the following scenario:

1 - Connected to a FTP server and started to download a file, this moment DSL connection was the one responsible.

2 - I had a 3G connected and set to priority 2

3 - Simulated a fail on the DSL connection by removing the ethernet cable.

The result was: The file stopped of being download and connection to the FTP server was lost.

The only way I manage to make a instant fail-over work out was the following:

1 - DSL and 3G on, but both of then set to priority one.

2 - Set up a SpeedFusion connection, so I had two tunnels on (DSL + 3G)

3 - Set link failure detection on SF to extreme (under 1sec)

4 - Finally I set outbound policy to my SF bonded VPN

The result was, my external IP became the IP from my data center (since I was using SF), and when I simulated the link failure, DSL tunnel on SF got red, but the 3G took over instantly, keeping the connection alive all the time.

My question is, the only way to achieve a 100% failover connection is trough SF?
Or I’m doing something wrong?

Thank you.

Failover typically means having to re-establish the session out another WAN link. With SpeedFusion you can maintain session persistence. This is a step above failover, since a session does not have to be re-established when the primary WAN link goes down.

Hi Pedro,

This is the beauty of our SpeedFusion technology! It allows for a truly unbreakable VPN, regardless of traffic type.

If people have a need for uninterrupted connectivity, then SpeedFusion is the answer!