F.R. Change Source IP-Remote Radius

Hello Suppor Team, we have a feature request about how the Radius service in peplink connect to the Radius Server.
We have a MAX-HD4 with 8.1 firmware, we add a Remote Radius Server, the query to the radius server is sent from the SOURCE IP of the VLAN 1 (untagged/none), the Feature Request is we can to change this SOURCE IP to another IP/Vlan that was created in the HD4
For example:
vlan 1 (the request is sent from this ip)
i need to change the request to the remote radius server from the
vlan 2
i can’t find an option to do this.
The reason to do this is beacuse we have a client that don’t use the VLAN 1(security reason), they have a VLAN 10 (Administration) with a specific network, and that network is allowed to accept the request to the radius server.
The Service is WPA2 Enterprise
Can this feature will be agregated soon? is urgent.