Extension Cables for a Puma 401

I have a Puma 401 with the 6’5" black cables with sma connectors and need 2~3’ extension. Does anyone make the 5 cable bundle in such a short length. Looks like Peplink only lists 15’ extensions. Thanks, Bill

PUMA-401-S-B-6 4xLTE, 1xGPS 600-6000MHz, IP67, SMA, Black, 6.5ft / 2m

There are many custom cable makers. Search Amazon or try this. https://www.infinitecables.com/

Thanks! I had RF Industries make me five 1 meter extension cables with male/female SMA connectors. They were local and I was able to will call them the next afternoon. They work perfectly! 100 Mbps download speeds and 50 Mbps upload. Kind of amazing as that’s a lot faster than my homes internet.

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