Extend WiFi network with Airport Apple Extreme


I have a Surf to Go and I am trying to extend the WiFi with my airport extreme. I had it work onetime but currently I keep on getting a message that the airport extreme cannot extend the network.

Am I wasting my time to try and get this right or am I missing something.



Where do you see the message from? This is not coming from the Pepwave, and actually your airport extreme would have no idea you are trying to extend its network. You just need to configure the Surf to connect to the airport extreme via Wi-Fi and let it re-broadcast and do its magic :slight_smile:

Hi Tim, I am using the Surf to generate a WiFi network from 3G dongle and I need to extend the Surf WiFi signal with the airport extreme. I am getting the error message from the airport extreme.

What bugs me I had this all working great and it does not want to extend the network anymore. So I was wondering if there was something I could possible be forgetting?

I don’t think the airport extreme is even capable of extending an existing Wi-Fi signal, you should contact them for support on that product.