Export option on static DHCP

Every once and a while the peplink is not there. (moving locations, crashes, cat chews on the power cable, whatever the reason) so at that point I start up my backup dhcp/dns so that my internal machines can still function and talk to each other.

Problem is I have to keep a dhcp.conf file up to date to match what’s in the peplink.

Would be helpful if there was an export button on the static DHCP, (or entire setup) into a dhcp.conf format:


host vb-fedora16 { hardware ethernet 08:00:27:E5:1E:02; fixed-address; option host-name “vb-fedora16”; }

Then I can just keep this in a text file when I need to start up the backup DHCP server. If not dhcp.conf format… a csv file would be useful then I can write some script to translate it.


Currently the DHCP Reservation list may be exported in CSV format. You can do this by clicking on the (?) next to DHCP Reservation under Network>LAN.
Otherwise, System>Configuration will allow you to download/upload back-up configs.

Doh… guess I should click on the help buttons more often. Never think to find “features” under there. :smiley:

In any case formatting as a dhcp.conf would still be helpful but the fact there’s a CSV option that knocks this enhancement request to the bottom of the list.