Expire Date for Beta 3 Firmware

I have been using firmware 6.2.0b03 build 2802 on my Balance 30 for about a month now. Worked pretty good, was pretty awesome to have those extra 2 load algorithms. It says it will expire on Wed, Feb 4th 2015. Will a new beta build be released before that date? Would prefer not go back to Firmware 6.1.2 build 2717 due to the wildcard bug (eg. Amazon.*).

Any help would be preferred.

Hi. We will be releasing 6.2 RC1 this week - at the very latest on the 4th. So you will be able to upgrade to the RC release as soon as its out.

Any updates on 6.2 RC?

Today is already 4th of Feb.

Any news?

Need to upgrade 4 Surf Soho and 1 B380 that are running beta versions.

What happens if I have an offline device that won’t be on today and the firmware expires? Do I have to physically go to the device hundreds of miles away and upload new firmware or can I have InControl2 upload the previous firmware or presumably the RC?

Hi all,

v6.2 RC is available now. Please check here.


Thanks for the update. What is the time line for general/final release 6.2?



I yet to have fixed date. Anyway final release should available in Q1 2015.