Experience with VLANs and TP-Link Easy Smart Managed Switches

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has implemented multiple VLANs with Peplink Balance and TP-Link Easy Smart Managed switches. I bought a few of these switches for a site thinking that I am not a power user and that basic models would serve my needs. I am having difficulty, however, with VLAN setup that I did not have in one of my other sites with higher end TP-Link switches.

Maybe I am missing something in the setup, but more or less it is a trunk from my Balance and then (except for VLAN ID 1 which is untagged on all ports) the switch-switch ports have the appropriate VLANs as tagged… But then for some reason some of the computers are not getting DHCP address automatically but if I manually assign them an address then all of a sudden they gain connectivity to the router and show up as a DHCP client. One surveillance camera is assigned an appropriate IP address in the correct VLAN, the other two don’t show up anywhere on the network. Weird stuff like this…

Ports connected directly to the Balance are correctly segmented. Even the first switch downstream from the router works correctly as far as I can tell, but then problems start on the first switch-switch hop.

Any comments? The previous site with no problems is “Smart Managed” line, the site with problems is the lower end “Easy Smart”. Is it the equipment or is it me?