Experience on-demand connectivity with SpeedFusion Connect!

For users in the US and selected regions in Europe (Full list here). We have just made it easier to experience the benefits of SpeedFusion with our latest service SpeedFusion Connect!

SpeedFusion Connect allows you to leverage the LTE of multiple connections and SpeedFusion technologies all under one subscription. Enabling backup connectivity has never been so simple!

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Awesome! Thanks for posting this, this is exciting!

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We have been one of the beta testers of this from day one. It is a great product.


I think this is a fantastic idea, but am I reading the pricing right? For 100GB it is $950?

Most US carriers offer something close to 100GB (Verizon is higher) for between $50-100 a month. While I understand that this plan is carrier agnostic, and could use a better carrier in the case where one has less coverage than the other, I don’t think any of my customers are going to pay almost 10x for that privilege.

Is there something else I’m missing in the pricing? Is this for a single modem or can it be used on a device with 2x or 4x modems across all modems simultaneously? Just trying to figure out how to close the gap on the pricing…

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Interesting and looking forward to trying this!

When looking at the compatibility list I see more hardware than the MAX adapter? Does this mean these have eUICC already or will these use some sort of FSC to operate?

Hi Steve,

There are a couple ways to look at the offering, its pricing and the intended use cases. I’ll refer the SpeedFusion Connect as the Service below.

  • This Service is designed more for business customers rather than individual users.
  • This Service is not intended to compete with a customer’s existing primary WAN (wired/cellular). Like you said, they may be using data plan of $100/100GB. The Service is about on-demand, instant backup connectivity whenever you need it - e.g. due to loss of coverage, bad signal, speed throttling.
  • In the words, it’s largely for situations to augment an existing primary WAN. You can expect the usage pattern to be spiky over a longer period of time. It’s about the convenience of instant on-demand connectivity.

To elaborate more on the benefits side:-

  • As you already pointed out, first, it’s carrier agnostic. We can make use of the best carrier (signal), thus providing the best possible performance at any given location.
  • There is no contract to maintain. In addition to the backup use cases, many customers use Peplink gears for temporary deployments, from a few weeks to a couple months. For partners, this Service provides flexibility and predictability in cost planning and pricing to their customers. From a total solution point of view, this is a small portion of the overall spending.
  • Other customers may benefit from this Service if they travel a lot to get their jobs done, think of a journalist taking a Peplink dual/quad-radio router for news-gathering. This Service supports services in these countries.
  • Data purchased are good for a period of time and you can top up anytime. (VS a typical monthly plan: you have buy the highest tier to prepare for the traffic spike, but for many months there could be little to no traffic.) It is nice to match up with a customer service contract bundled with your own solutions, e.g. VOIP, video surveillance, etc.

Finally, the data plans we posted now is just the starting point, there are many more possibilities along this model especially with the MSPs community. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to us at SALES AT PEPLINK DOT COM for a discussion.

Hope this helps.